Hoard's Dairyman

St. Saviour Camembert Style Cheese


Named for a small parish on the Isle of Guernsey, our St. Saviour Camembert-style cheese delivers a rich, buttery flavor from a soft, creamy core inside a brilliant rind. Both the core and the rind should be served together for the true St. Saviour experience.

St. Saviour’s versatility will quickly reveal itself. Your favorite baguette or crackers will be transformed. Have some preserves or honey nearby, too. St. Saviour always goes great with apples, pears, and nuts and can take any salad to an entirely new level. Paired with a light red wine, your St. Saviour experience will be one to remember.

Camembert cheese first appeared in Normandy, France in the late 18th century. Today master cheesemakers are crafting our St. Saviour Camembert-style cheese from rich, pure Guernsey milk that comes exclusively from the Hoard’s Dairyman Farm.     

Best served at room temperature.