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Cheese Counter

The Cheese Counter is a specifically designed location to share, educate and enjoy some of the great cheeses that have made Plymouth, WI the Cheese Capital of the World. Thematically designed as a diverse cheese store with food, fun, and CHEESE, it will be understood by all why Plymouth WI is the Cheese Capital of the World.

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Cheese Capital Closed

Out of respect for our staff and all of our friends that we have made here at the Cheese Counter, we feel it is the responsible thing to temporarily close our doors for  health safety during the COVID-19 social distancing recommendations. As we all learn more, we will keep you posted.  Thank you for understanding. We look forward to seeing you all again.

Heritage Center

A welcoming destination where visitors of all ages, will learn and understand “why and how” cheese has become the business foundation of Plymouth. To enhance the visitor experience at the Cheese Counter there will be interactive experiences that share the Cheese message of Plymouth, historical experiences and a tour throughout the city.

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