Cheese Capital

Respected as the Cheese Capital of the World for decades, the city of Plymouth Wisconsin is proud to continue this…

The national respect for Plymouth was planted in the fact that the price of cheese in the US was designated at the Wisconsin Cheese Exchange in downtown Plymouth, beginning in 1918. The Cheese Exchange pricing and standards where the platform for cheese pricing until 1956.

During these decades Plymouth became known as Cheeseville because of the cheese storage facilities, the processing of cheese and shipping of product throughout the country. Today Plymouth is simply the Cheese Capital of the World with over 14% of the cheese consumed in the US going through the city.

In recognition of this deep history the Cheese Counter & Dairy Heritage Center is being built at 133 E. Mill Street in Plymouth. This facility will be an interactive learning center, retail cheese store, diner and tribute cheese in Plymouth and the dairy’s of Sheboygan county.